B2B communication and EDI interface

Speed up your business collaboration with OFTP, OFTP2 and in the near future with AS2 and SFTP via ISDN, TCP/IP and the internet according to international standards. Expand your data communication with flexible and intuitive features for creating, managing and processing EDI messages.

!MC5 - OFTP, OFTP2, EDI converter and more

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!MC5 is setting new benchmarks for B2B communications and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). Support of established communication standards (OFTP, OFTP2, including ENGDAT and ENGPART support, and more) as well as processing and conversion of EDI data (eg. UN/EDIFACT, VDA, ASC X12, XML) connects your individual business software to the outside world.

A modular architecture, ability for complete automatation, easy installation and an intuitive user experience mark !MC5 as one of the most powerful and cost-efficient solution for your B2B requirements.

Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers the best solution for their business success. For us this means reliable, cost effective and easy to use software as well as professional support and continuous enhancements of our products.

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Odette MC, Odette MC CAD, EDI-Convert Standalone

!MC5 replaces our widely used products Odette MC, Odette MC CAD and EDI-Convert Standalone. Support for those legacy products as well as additional modules and addons are still available but limited.

!MC5 offers many improvements compared to its predecessors and we strongly recommend to upgrade to the new version: !MC5 improves setup, configuration and maintenance: More powerful certificate management, extended protocols, integrated update notification and installation are just some of the noew features in !MC5.

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