Frequently asked questions

 How to enter the OSCAR-Code in the Odette ID Setup ?
Please enter values in the Odette ID Setup as follows :
  • ICD: Enter "0177" here. This is a fixed code.
  • Code: This code consists of 14 characters. Because the OSCAR-Code only provides 4 characters fill up the 10 leading characters with Zeros. (e.g. OSCAR-Code = "X00A" => Code = "0000000000X00A" ).
  • CSA: Enter 6 Zeros or leave the Field blank.
 How to register !MC5 ?
!MC5 will be registered online. Please follow the instruction.
 How to complete field "ISDN-Number Odette" ?
If the computer is attached to an ISDN enter an available number at which the Odette MC can wait for incoming calls. A multiple reservation with telephone or fax is possible. However, no other ISDN communication software should use the same MSN. If a PBX is used just enter the extension number instead of the complete phone number.
 How to complete field "Complete ISDN-Number" ?
Enter the ISDN number as you would dial it on a standard phone including national pre-selection but no international pre-selection.
 How to complete field "Prefix PBX" ?
Enter the digits necessary for getting a line. This field must leave empty if your computer is operating directly on an ISDN MSN.