The Firm

Bartsch Software has been successfully working in the international and national market for years in the special areas of data transfer via ISDN and TCP/IP and EDI data conversion.

 Our Employees

We have professional and qualified personnel at our disposal. Our employees have firm technical and commercial know-how. Excellent service and customer support and highquality, easy to use software products are our main objective

 Service & Support

Full trial versions of our software products can be downloaded from our download page.

 The Future

!MC5 is our new product that will accept the legacy of our successful Odette MC product. Based on a Multichannel-Kernel multiple data transmissions via ISDN and TCP/IP can be executed simultaneously. Wizards and other features will create advanced user workbenches that will increase efficiency and productivity of our customers. With our software products we guarantee an innovated communication in the automobile industry.

 License Conditions

Download Bartsch Software License Conditions here  lic-con_en.pdf